With its wide range of leisure activities, the municipality of St. Valentin offers fun, culture and relaxation at the same time.

Relaxing hikes, bike rides, horse rides, visits to the theater and museums, or trips to the nearby zoo the historic towns of Enns and Steyr will delight you. You can enjoy the hottest summer days in the swimming pool. The model airfield makes children’s, but also some adults’ hearts beat faster and full of wonder.

Events such as the annual Mostbirnzellulid, the music festival wiederAUFhorchen, and the Mostviertel Cabaret Days are highlights for culture lovers.

St. Valentin is the westernmost municipality in Lower Austria and has a lot to offer historically. Today’s central church has existed since 1472 and, like the small branch church in Rems, is worth a visit. You can find out more about the historic past of our city in the St. Valentin History Museum.

Eine Besonderheit unserer Region sind die typischen Mostbirnbäume. Wunderschön in voller Blüte im Frühling, reifen über den Sommer die saftigen Mostbirnen, um im Herbst nach der Ernte zum original Mostviertler Kultgetränk verarbeitet zu werden. Unsere Bauern verstehen ihr Handwerk und so laden viele Mostheurige und traditionsbewusste Mostviertler Gastwirte zum Verkosten ein.


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