Hague Zoo

Erlebnis Tierpark Haag

Hague Zoo

Relaxation, fun and adventure for the whole family.

The animal park Stadt Haag is a zoological garden in the park of Salaberg Palace. With over 700 animals and 70 animal species, it inspires young and old. The many animals and the large playground are fascinating and fun to anybody. The park is open all year round.

• Seventy domestic and exotic animal species are at home in the Haag Zoo.

• Paths can be used with prams (also for wheelchair users with an accompany-ing person).

• Dogs may be taken on a leash.

• Zoo shop in the entrance building with lots of souvenir items, zoo toys, books, textiles, sweets, and much more.

• Bird’s Voice Trail (16 native songbird species).

• Fishing in a specially designed pond (yoke pond).

Hague Zoo